Moving office desks for office move in Christchurch

How We Take Care Of You During Your Office Move

Are you relocating your office across Christchurch, or across New Zealand? Wherever your business is going, we can help with packing, loading, transport and unloading of your business assets.

Relocating an office is a significant undertaking that requires thorough planning, expert coordination, and a reliable moving partner.

To help you approach your next office move, here are a few steps we take during the changeover that will make the transition feel smooth and hassle-free. We are here to make that daunting task feel a lot easier.

1. We have a chat

We help you plan your office move, whether it be about access problems or what to do with your furniture.

Before we start moving anything, we help you plan the move. We can come and visit your current office and new office locations to assess any access problems. We can also help you decide what you would like to do with any furniture or items you no longer want to keep. 

We have partnered with All Heart NZ to provide our local corporates with options for the furniture and tools they may no longer have use for. All Heart NZ has a repurpose system where they accept the ‘stuff you no longer need whether it be working or not working’ and they repurpose it into something useful again. This also means that if you’re on the look out for re-purposed furniture, you can purchase them through All Heart NZ at a discounted rate!

2. 1-2 weeks before moving day

We provide boxes for each staff member so the office move can be smooth and hassle-free

As the days count down to the big transition, we take proactive steps to set the stage for a seamless experience.

Leading up to moving day, we come in early and provide your staff with boxes to pack up their stuff. We also make sure to identify their boxes with their desk. So when it comes to unpacking at the new office location, their stuff will be all together and exactly where they want it to be. 

We understand that every minute counts. That’s why we begin by arriving early, armed with a thoughtful strategy that’s designed to minimise disruptions and maximise efficiency.

3. The day before moving day

We wrap up monitors, computers and any other fragile items before moving them

The big day is nearly here…The day before moving day is when we help out with the logistics. We bubble wrap your monitors and take apart any items that need to be dismantled. Don’t worry, we will put them back together on the other side! 

It’s a time when we immerse ourselves in the details, making sure that every item, no matter how delicate or intricate, is given the care and consideration it deserves.

This is the moment to make sure everything is organised and ready to go…we’ve got you covered! 

4. Moving day

We move anything you need moved - desks, chairs, computers etc.

Moving Day can be overwhelming. Our expert team is here to ensure that your moving day is marked by efficiency, organization, and a sense of calm. 

Time is money, especially during an office move. We understand this crucial aspect and like to emphasise on our efficiency  throughout the moving process. From skillful packing and secure loading to efficient transportation and organized unpacking, our streamlined approach ensures a seamless transition from your old office to your new one.

5. If you're wanting a little extra assistance..

We also offer Office Cleaning

Wanting a little bit more? No stress, here at Affordable Moving Solutions we don’t just stop at moving your belongings; we go the extra mile to simplify your transition.

Alongside our top-notch moving services, we also offer professional cleaning services. Whether you need a final clean for your old office or a fresh start in your new space, our experienced cleaning team has you covered.

With us, you can move with confidence, knowing that every detail, including a spotless environment, is taken care of. Let us handle the cleaning, so you can focus on settling into your new home stress-free.

6. Enjoy your new office space!

Unpack and enjoy your new office space

Now it’s time to unpack…don’t worry we are here to help with that too! Anything we took apart, we will put back together. We are here to get you back on your feet and ready to enjoy your new office space! 

Here’s to new beginnings!